Friends of Barham Library build new Wembley Stadium from books.

by barhamlibrary

Friends of Barham Library build new Wembley Stadium from books.

with Friends of Barham Library build new Wembley Stadium from books.

To celebrate England’s participation in the Soccer World Cup in Brazil just 100 days. Volunteers at Friends of Barham Library built a version of the iconic Stadium from their large book collection.

The ‘alternative’ Wembley Stadium can be viewed at the Friends of Barham Library Volunteer Library at 428 High Road Wembley on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays between 12 to 5pm. The Volunteer Library is close to Argos and Daniels Estate Agents and buses 18, 83, 92 and 182 stop right outside.

Special viewings and photographs can be arranged through Francis Henry of Daniels Estate Agents just a few doors down at 438 High Road Wembley.

“Besides lending and selling books our volunteers are also very creative providing a wide range of services to our diverse community. We have donated books to people in Africa and Asia, run English conversation classes and a arts & crafts club for youngsters at our Sudbury Town Underground premises. The Wembley Stadium was built by a team including a volunteer from Italy whose team are in the same World Cup group as England highlighting how everyone is rallying round to support our campaign to reopen Barham Library” says Liberal Democrat Leader Councillor Paul Lorber one of Friends of Barham Library full time volunteers.

Friends of Barham Library run 2 Volunteer Libraries in Wembley and Sudbury Town and are campaigning to get back into the original Library in Barham Park which was closed by Labour Councillors in October 2011 and has now stood empty for 29 months.

During this time the building was broken into resulting in smashed glass in the front door and recently was flooded resulting in the closure of the Children Centre. The Labour run Council has been accused of neglect and of running down the Barham buildings to make it impossible for the library to be reopened.