Big Lunch success for Friends of Barham Library

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Big Lunch success for Friends of Barham Library

Big Lunch success for Friends of Barham Library

More than 100 local people of all ages joined Friends of Barham Library to celebrate the 61st anniversary of the opening of Barham Library in 1952 with a picnic lunch in Barham Park Sudbury on Sunday 2 June.

Friends of Barham Library organised a book stall, outdoor games and handed out free ride tickets for the George Irvin Funfair.

Councillor Paul Lorber did a short talk about the local history explaining how John Copland, a Purser on one of Lord Nelson’s war ships, acquired Crabbs House in the Park in around 1800 and how the property eventually passed into ownership of the Barham family ( who ran Express Diaries) and how in 1937 Titus Barham gifted Barham Park including his Mansion to Wembley Borough Council so it could be enjoyed by local people.

Barham Library was opened inside Crabbs House on 31 May 1952 and served local people for almost 60 years until it was closed by Labour Councillors in October 2011.

“We enjoyed a fine sunny day and everyone who came had a great time with their family and friends. It was sad to see the empty and abandoned building but we were encouraged by the determination of all of our supporters to continue the fight to get Barham Library reopened. We hope that the sacking of the Labour Councillor responsible for Library closures in Brent opens a new chapter and genuine support for local volunteers working reopen the closed libraries across Brent” says Paul Lorber, Leader of Brent Liberal Democrats and a Friends of Barham Library volunteer.

While continuing their campaign to reopen Barham Library in the park Friends of Barham Library are continuing to run their Volunteer Library and 2nd hand bookshop from shop premises at 428 High Road Wembley HA9 6HA Which is open 3 days per week on Mondays and Wednesdays between 12 to 5 pm and on Saturdays from 11am until 5pm. Donations in support of their campaign can be left given at