by barhamlibrary

After a year of operating a Volunteer Library in temporary buildings the Friends of Barham Library are ready to return to the original Library building in Barham Park.

Barham Library was closed by Labour Councillors in October 2011 and the building has been standing empty for 19 months. The Council has now wasted thousands of pounds on keeping the building empty while the local community is calling out to get their library back.

Friends of Barham Library have now raised their target £25,000 to pay for their return to the closed library building. They have also build up a 8,000 strong book collection and a group of loyal volunteers keen to reopen a Library in Barham Park.

Friends of Barham Library have ambitions plans for the reopened library and are keen to resume a library service for local people of all ages and backgrounds. They already provide space for a mothers & toddlers group in their temporary libray and are keen to provide study spaces, access to computers, a children and adults library, english language sessions, a book club and provide space for other groups providing leisure and educational activities for local people.

“There is a need for barham Library to reopen. Thousands of young people have been deprived of a library facilities while older people have no where to go for internet access and local information. Friends of Barham Library have shown how volunteers can provide a service and help meet local needs. It is now time for the Labour Councillors running Brent to come to their senses and do the right thing” says Liberal Democrat leader Councillor Paul Lorber one of the local library volunteers.

Barham Library was originally opened on 31 May 1952 and served local people in the Sudbury & Wembley area for almost 60 years. The building and park in Barham Park were donated for the receration of local people by local benefactor and owner of Express Dairies Titus Barham in 1937. Young people under 19 made up the Library’s most active users.

“Young people were the biggest loosers when Labour Councillors closed Barham Library. As the joint Chair of Brent Youth Parliament the new Executive Member of. Libraries Councillor Roxanne Mashari should understand their needs. It is now time for Councillor Mashari to act to reverse the distasterous library policies of her discredited predecessor and bring the closed Barham Library building back into use” says Francis henry a Sudbury resident who volunteers at Friends of Barham Library with his 8 year old daughter.