Wembley Plaza Hotel donates £3000 to Barham Library

by barhamlibrary

Today Cllr Paul Lorber expressed his thanks to Jack Nicholas, General Manager of the Wembley Plaza Hotel, and everyone at the hotel for their kind donation of £3000 to help Save Barham Library.

The donation from the Wembley Plaza Hotel will be used to support and expand activities for young people, including providing extra space and access time during exams, new activities such as a chess club and to maintain a children library as part of the newly opened Children Centre within the library.

Friends of Barham Library are currently lobbying the Council to let them take over the running of Barham library after Brent Council decided to close the library.

The ruling councillors voted to close half of the borough’s libraries at the recent budget meeting at Brent Town Hall, days before the official consultation period had even closed, sparking anger amongst the borough’s local residents fighting to keep local services running. In April, despite pleas from much of the community and over 80% of the consultation respondents disagreeing, this decision was endorsed by the council’s  Executive, who voted to close the following libraries: Barham, Cricklewood, Neasden, Kensal Rise, Tokyngton and Preston

Concern has also expressed great concern that the Council’s own consultation showed that over 50% of the library’s users are under 19 – meaning its closure will disproportionately hit young people at a time when exams are taking place.

Paul Lorber from Friends of Barham Library said,

“On behalf of local people I would like to say a big Thank You to Jack Nicholas and everyone one at Wembley Plaza Hotel for raising and donating £3,000 for Barham Library. Over 50% of the regular users of Barham Library are under 19 years of age and it is our young people who would suffer most if Barham and the other 5 libraries were closed. It is great to see successful local business such as Wembley Plaza Hotel supporting local people and a local community library like Barham Library.”