Pyramid Fundraising Target

by barhamlibrary

It makes no difference if you are very well off and quite as well off. Everyone can help and every donation – however large or small – is appreciated equally.

With Thanks to the Save the Kensal Rise Library Campaign we have borrowed their Pyramid fundraising idea.

We do not as yet know exactly how much it will require each year to pay to keep Barham Library open. We know that it will require quite a lot of money but also people willing to volunteer their time. (Volunteer forms can be found elsewhere on this website).

This is how the Pyramid fundraising idea works – and the aim is to capture both large and small donations. Irrespective of size if you are taxpayer make sure you fill in a Gift Aid form as once we are a Charity we can claim an extra 25p for every £1 you give at no cost to you.

If ONE person donates £10,000 we raise our 1st £10,000

If TWO people donate £5,000 each we raise another £10,000

If FOUR people donate £2,500 each = another £10,000

If TEN people donate £1,000 each = another £10,000

If TWENTY people donate £500 each = another £10,000

IF FORTY people donate £250 each = another £10,000

If 100 people donate £100 each = another £10,000

If 200 people donate £50 each = another £10,000

If 400 people donate £25 each = another £10,000

and finally

If 1,000 people donate £10 each = another £10,000

Even before we have started to roll out this idea we have had two offers of £1,000 each (one from a local resident and another from a local Company). Another Company will consider an application for £3,000 once the charity registration comes through – and we have had a number of small donations which have helped to pay for postage and leaflets.


this has to be a TEAM effort where everyone plays a part in contacting individuals and companies to see if they would like to join our Pyramid and chose the level of donation they feel they can afford.

Please help if you can and spread the message, explain what the Save Barham Library is trying to achieve and hand out the Gift Aid form to friends, relatives, neighbours, work colleagues. THANK YOU.